What's The Difference Between Laser And InkJet Printers?

A Laser printer passes a beam back and forth over a drum. Using the toner the drum transfers the image, which is heated up to fuse the image and text. Whereas InkJet printers recreate a digital image using droplets of ink onto materials.

InkJet printers have a low start-up cost with ink cartridges being cheaper than toners but Laser printers can be cheaper in the long run. Laser printers are better for documents as they leave text sharper but are not very good for printing off photographs. A Laser printer is faster and are better for high-volume jobs, compared to InkJet printers that have low capacity paper trays. InkJet Cartridges can be refilled and remanufactured making them better for the environment, but often need cleaning so can waste the ink. They also tend to be smaller and lighter. Laser printers are not very good at using materials other than paper but InkJet printers use water based printing so are more likely to fade.

20th Jan 2016

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