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Things To Consider When Buying A New Printer

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When purchasing a new printer there are a few things to consider. If this isn’t done correctly you could find yourself not using your new printer or getting frustrated with it.

1.The first thing is to decide what it will be used for. This will then help you figure out what is best for you.

2.There is two main types of printers; InkJet and Laser. A laser printer tends to be more expensive but better in quality. They both come in coloured and monochrome. Monochrome prints off in black and white and coloured in colour.

3.Printers can have different type of functions. For example one printer could just print, where as an all-in-one can copy, scan and print, and others can fax too. You need to think about what functions you’d use and want you want. There's no point buying an all-in-one if you just print.

4.Then there's the price range. Printers can start from £30.00 and can go up to hundreds. Don’t just buy a cheap one because you think it’s a good deal, in the long run it could end up being more expensive.

5.When deciding on a printer you need to consider the Ink Cartridges. Some printers will only take two cartridges, black and tri-coloured. Whereas others can take five, 2 black, cyan, magenta and yellow. This means only the cartridge that is low needs to be changed, making it cheaper. You can buy refilled and remanufactured cartridges for a smaller price.

6.You should consider the connectivity that you’ll get when using your printer. Some printers connect wirelessly from your home Wi-Fi. You can get smartphone/tablet capability and AirPrint which allows you to print from your phone etc. There’s Google cloud, email printing, Wi-Fi direct and much more.

7.Have a look at the printer itself. Look at its printer quality; you want one with a high resolution if you want to be able to print good photos and documents. Look at the print speed, if you’re in a rush, you want it to come out quickly so look for a small ipm/ppm. There is much morefeatures to look at like paper handling, output and input capacity etc.

8.You can also find extra features such as a memory card slot to print images straight away, an LCD for easy use, PictBridge that allows direct printing and much more.

9.Check that it supports your operator.

10.The last is to compare printers; there are lots of website that allow you to do this. Look at reviews to see what other people think.

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